End of Summer

Great grandma Johanna at Long Beach, California

It is Labor Day here in the United States, which pretty much signifies the end of summer for us.

Above is a picture of my Great Grandma, Johanna Hoye Porter, before 1918 in Long Beach, California. It is one of my very prized possessions.

I was going through some photos and other keepsakes of my grandmother’s when I was in high school and came across this photo. I was immediately in love with it! Look at the fashion. Look at what people wore on the beach! I love how the men pictured are wearing suits and bowler hats and the young girls in the water have sailor dresses.

What is great grandma concentrating so hard on? AND…

What was she doing in California?

Fortunately, my grandma had some answers.

My great grandmother is tatting in the photo. She is making lace; maybe a collar or doilies.

Great grandma and her family lived on a farm outside Scribner, Nebraska. Her sister had not been feeling well so their doctor suggested that she get some sun in California. My great grandma was given the responsibility to accompany her younger sister to the sunny beaches of California. Oh, what fun!

Can you imagine…2 young women off traveling half way across the United States?! Oh my! I wish I could have asked her about that adventure!

The rest of the story is a little vague. I’m assuming they were put on a train and made the trip out West and probably stayed with relatives or friends of the family there.

So, anyway, back in high school…I just put the photo back where I had found it, but it was always on my mind. I really, really wanted this photo and so 10+ years later I asked my grandma to keep an eye out for it and she said she would. A few years later she found it and gave it to me!

My great grandmother passed away the year I was born, but there is a picture of her holding me as a newborn. I like to think that I got my love for knitting and doing other handwork from her.

Hope you had a relaxing holiday!


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