I recently received a request from a customer on Etsy to turn one of my COLOR STORY art quilts into a lap quilt (50″x50″). I thought what a wonderful idea! So, I have been figuring out a way to make a pattern of a 12″x12″ art quilt into a 50″x50″ modern quilt for every day use.

Since my quilts don’t have straight lines and are designed with the use of a design wall I have no written quilt design for them. So, what I did was take a photo of the Color Story art quilt and placed it in Adobe Illustrator. Then I traced around the seam lines and had a pattern! What you see in the above picture is the pattern printed out to size!

It has been a fun challenge and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

I’m also trying out a new theme here on WordPress. This is the “Stay” theme and I think it will work really well once I get it set up. Maybe I’ll end up “staying” with this theme. I have also decided to blog here about all things handmade, sewing, knitting, etc. here along sprinkled with photo inspiration.


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