Before Things Got Ugly

I didn’t have much luck at getting any paintings done this week. I purchased a really cool chevron striped mug last weekend that I just couldn’t wait to paint, but I ran into some problems with the still life and I just wiped it away. That was on Monday and I didn’t come back to it. I actually packed up my paints. Time to move on to other projects.

It would have been a great week to get a lot of painting done. My son was at day camp and the house was quiet. Maybe too quiet. What am I going to do when school starts?

But I did get a lot of stuff done that has been on my “to do” list. So, maybe it was a good thing.

Anyway…the paints are back out and I’m ready to give it all another try…soon!


4 thoughts on “Before Things Got Ugly

  1. Your post felt so familiar. Always packing it up only to bring it out again. Time and space. I always feel a bit guilty if I don’t get dyeing done when I have the “opportunity.” sometimes I get the best work done in complete familial

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