The Front Room (a.k.a. my studio)

Some days I get a bit miffed that I’m the only person in our home who works from home and I don’t have a room to work in. My husband has a room to play video games in (and scream obscenities in) and yet I work in our front room. I did have a room of my own when my daughter moved out for about a year, but now she’s back. She’s ready to move out again…but we shall see.

So here’s my current studio set up.

Here you see I have my easel set up with my still life ready on the chair. On the right side of the easel and in front of it I have my paint supplies. The red couch really doesn’t belong in the room, but since my husband had to get a 70″ TV for his room it didn’t fit any more and now it’s in my space.

The coffee table is where I keep my laptop and other books and such. (I see a few knitting projects there too.) The floral love seats were my grandma’s and I always loved them so I’m really happy to have them. The little white table in the background is where I pile…I mean store my paint supplies. The book shelf to the right of the table is just loaded with all my chick lit favorites.

So, there it is…where I work.


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