10 More Paintings To Go!!

Paintings by Heather Hingst Bennett

I have only 10 more paintings to go and I’ll be ready for the Lincoln Arts Festival. I’m so glad it’s almost here!

The art festival is my test to see if I should continue painting on a daily basis or not. Even though I have tried I can’t do both the painting and the sewing. So, I’m going to have to choose one or the other. Which I’m so fine with at this point.

I am quite a novice in the painting area, while sewing is old hat to me…I want to start making my own clothes again…and I want to get going with millinery…along with my studio (art) quilts. Maybe I have already chosen a direction.

Sometimes I feel like painting was something I had to get out of my system before I could continue with anything else. I had to just prove to myself that I could paint.

BUT I’m not making a real decision until September 26! So, stay tuned!!

Next week I’ll be working on the quilt I’m making for the Project Modern Challenge.

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