Gabriel’s Steampunk Softie

Gabriel & steampunk softie | front | back

Last night Gabriel and I were tired of hanging out at the house and decided to do a little “window shopping”. First we went to PetCo to check out all the fun little pets. We especially like looking at the guinea pigs and hamsters. Gabriel thinks his hamster, Theodor Chubby Puffball Turbo, needs a living room set for his cage. I have other thoughts…

After we bugged the pocket size pets long enough, we went to Barnes & Noble, where we found this fun book. Gabriel couldn’t keep his mind off these wonderful, odd little creatures and quickly declared himself an authority on “steampunk.”

So, today he searched through my workroom for bits and pieces he could use to make his little softie creature. The above picture is what we came up with. Gabriel did all the designing. I did the sewing machine sewing and most of the hand sewing. Personally, I like the back. It has some bottle caps for a backpack and keys for swords. I like the touch of the safety pin in the little guys ear and the hook-eye in the other. He’s carrying a key and a diamond and his name is “Key Mage.”


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