A Cappie

a cloche "cappie" by designer Heather Hingst Bennett

This isn’t a very good picture and I’m still working on it and I have a long way to go…but I LOVE millinery. I have a collection of vintage hats and have always wanted to learn how to make them.

So, now I’m finally taking a stab at what I’ve always really wanted to do.

Above is a very simple hat I made out of wool felt. It’s supposed to have a back bow and a small flipped brim in the front, but I like the little bow placed on the side with no brim. So, it will be back to the drawing board tomorrow.

I have decided to call these simple felt hats “cappie’s”. My daughter’s name is Hattie and is named after Hattie Carnegie, who was a fashion designer, and is sometimes called “hat”. One of her friends has started calling her “cappie” instead of the usual “hat”. So, we think that’s all pretty funny and I thought these little felt hats should be called “cappie’s”.

What I really want to learn is how to “block” hats. There are 2 classes coming up and I would love to attend one or the other. I calculated the cost (class fee + hotel + car rental = $740 to $975). I have reservations only because it’s a lot of money for me at the moment and there is no guarantee that selling hats will “take off” for me. Although I would like to think that it would…

Have a “Hatty Day!”


2 thoughts on “A Cappie

  1. I hope that you get a sign that helps you decide what to do and that sends you in the direction of your dreams – I’ll be setting good intentions for you! Love the cappie!

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