Small Art Quilts

Art Quilt by Heather Hingst Bennett

“Tiny No. 17″
©2011 Heather Hingst Bennett
6″x6”, art quilt, cotton fabric hand-dyed by artist

Available here.

I forgot to mention one thing the other day. If you do display small art quilts, you might want to make some sort of signage that your pieces are art quilts. Many people who stopped by at the craft festival thought my art quilts were table runners, coasters, or place mats. Then they would look at the price and run far, far away.

I think many people still have a hard time accepting quilts as art and not a functional object.

I have been busy in the studio on a “top secret” project. Something I’ve never done, but have always wanted to. I hope I will have a little bit of success soon.

I’m still working on getting a picture of my booth. Hopefully my daughter will find time soon to send them to me…


2 thoughts on “Small Art Quilts

  1. I really thought this would be a really large quilt till I read it was only 6X6!! You have encouraged me to have a go. Thank you, Silvana.

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