are you a list person?

I am such a list person.

I usually write my list out the night before and have it by my bed so I can grab it first thing in the morning and change my mind about everything I thought I would want to do.

This really doesn’t make sense, does it?

Today I had a list of 13 things to do. I was able to get 5 things done. But one item was something I had been putting off for months…scheduling an appointment for my first mammogram. I absolutely hate scheduling doctor appointments. Even doctor appointments that I don’t mind going to like the eye doctor. Which was another item on my list that had been on my list since December.

Now I just need to get a dentist appointment made.

Oh, and they could get me in for my mammogram on Friday morning.


One thought on “are you a list person?

  1. I have heard that you should never have more than three things to accomplish on your list for any given day. 13 is WAY too many! You feel way more accomplished if you only listed three, then ended up getting 7 done, instead of listing 13 and only finishing 6. 🙂

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