what if

Today I finished up a few projects that had to be done and decided to play around a little.

Being and artist is a lot like being a scientist. We are constantly experimenting and trying new techniques to see what happens and asking ourselves “What if?”

I spent most of this year dabbling in many different directions. First of all I wanted to see if I could still draw something from a still life and it turned out I could and I could paint it too. I also wanted to experiment with different forms of art to make absolutely sure I should be making art quilts and not doing something else. I found out that while I enjoy painting and mixed-media painting I do miss my sewing machine and working with fabric.

One thing I do miss very much when quilting is not working figuratively. So, that is something I plan to start playing with in 2011. Which will probably mean I will be doing a lot more fused quilts.

Today I wanted to see if I could make a fused art quilt in the same style as I make a pieced art quilt. I wanted to imitate the quilting and my piecing style and I think it turned out very well. Another reason I am thinking of switching to fused quilts is because I want to spend my summer showing my work at art festivals. If I’m going to have enough inventory for an art festival I need to find a way to produce more.

The quilt in progress shown above is the fused quilt I made today. I think it turned out very well and I think I accomplished what I wanted. I will be able to finish it tomorrow.

So that’s just a little sneak peek at what you will see more of in 2011.


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