a different way to hang – part 2

For this way to hang an art quilt you will need:

  • A small art quilt. Mine is 6-1/4″ square.
  • Sticky back velcro.
  • 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. I used the small size. Download a coupon here.
  • A canvas panel. I am using these from Dick Blick – 6-inch square.

After you have your supplies together. Combine 4 hook and look pieces and place them in the corners of your canvas panel. You can get picky about this and measure, but I just wing it. I actually ended up using white velcro.

Then you find a place to hang the quilt on your wall. Clean your walls and make sure they are dry.

Then you will place the picture hanging strips on the back of your canvas panel. (There are instructions on the packaging.) I just used one on the top center back.

And then put them up on your wall.


5 thoughts on “a different way to hang – part 2

  1. Heather, Could you please explain more. I’m having a ‘dense’ moment, and I’m not understanding how you use the velcro and the picture hanging strips. I’ve reread the post several times, and it’s just not making sense to me. Thanks, Jay

    1. Jay,

      I use the velcro to attach the quilt to the front side of the canvas panel and I use the picture hanging strips (which I don’t have a picture of currently) on the back of the canvas panel. The picture hanging strips are what holds it on the wall.

      Thanks for asking!


  2. Hey Heather. What a great idea! Those minis are dynamite and look so very arty. Thanks for your kind comment at PosyLinda. You are very sweet to visit. Looking forward to coming back soon. Enjoy your day – everyday!

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