speedy summer

Everyone is saying it, so I’ll just say it too…where is the summer going?!

In ways I’m happy to see the first day of school approaching on the calendar (for us it’s August 18 and August 23). I’m ready to get back to work AND this year I will be getting my studio…FINALLY! My oldest will be living in the dorms and I am taking over her room. There is no asking…this is what is happening. When you have a home with minimal space and one room, which is a lovely room, is hardly being used you must just take it! I know she is a little upset with me…I have my new wall color picked out, a plan for all her stuff that won’t be going with her and a plan for where all my stuff will go! I’M SO HAPPY TO FINALLY HAVE A ROOM!!

I dyed the above fabric the week of the 4th of July and spent a little time today getting it ready to put in my NEW Etsy shop. (Information will be coming soon!)


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