i see quilts

Ahhh…where would we be in the summer without ice pops? Of course, the ice pops laid out like this remind me of a quilt.

I finished the last of my COLOR STORY studio quilts last night! As I mentioned before, I was keeping track of the hours involved in making these small quilts. Hopefully tomorrow I will have my results tallied. I’m sure our jaws will drop. Quilting is a very time consuming art!

Back in April, Brenda Gael Smith left a comment and wanted to know “Have you attempted to estimate how much time you spend in the design stage or is this included in the “piecing” component?”

My answer: These quilts were so spontaneous and improvisational that I didn’t even place them on my design wall! I would grab oodles of color from my stash and from my left overs from other quilts and start putting them together at the sewing machine. After I finished sewing those bits and pieces together I would grab something else from the fabrics I had already pulled and sew those on to what I already had. My goal was to have a 13″ x 13″ piece when I was finished. So, I just kept adding fabric until I made it to my desired size. So, for these pieces I designed as I went along. To answer Brenda’s question, the design was included in the “piecing” for these 9 quilts.

For the COLOR STORIES in the future, I want to actually have a “story”. I want to find an inspirational photo, piece of art, fashion, etc. and use that to come up with my “color story”.


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