A corner in my new studio
Yes, I have been missing in action! I have been guilty of NOT focusing!

I am a neat person and quilting is not a very neat activity. Even if you try your best, your area will get messy! My studio has been in my living room and it drives me crazy that when someone comes to my door the first thing they see is my mess! So, I’m moving my area up to the “master bedroom”. Which is VERY un-feng shui, by the way! But for now, it will have to do. There I can hide out and work uninterrupted, I hope.

So, I have a picture of what is the corner of my NEW studio…dig the granny wallpaper. Won’t that contrast nicely with my contemporary quilts?

As for the quilt below…it is going to get cut up into a million pieces. I don’t like it at all!


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