Back at IT…

I found this great book last week.
AND just as the title says it IS the painting course I’ve always wanted. How did the author know? So, I’ll be sharing the exercises over the next few weeks.

I’m also taking a class on line with Kingslan & Givilisco Decorative Arts Studio. The class is a design course that covers:

  • How to be a Creative Thinker
  • Color Theory and Schemes
  • Perspective
  • Design Principles
  • Design Elements
  • How to Work with Reference Material
  • How to Work from a Set-up
  • History of Composition

I have really enjoyed it so far and LOVE the section about color!

BEFORE I start painting again (Wednesday or Thursday), I’ll be working on some quilting projects. I have some ORBIT quilts to finish and I’m very excited to offer an ORBIT Pattern very soon! I think you’ll enjoy making this fun little quilt textile painting! 🙂


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