My First Still Life

OK…first I have to tell you I have never painted anything from “life”. I have drawn many still lifes, but I have NEVER painted any.

I feel very humbled by the process, but I also know that with practice I will get better.

My first still life
My first still life

I am using Golden Acrylics on Canson paper. I really need to use some mediums with my acrylic paints. The get so thick and dry so quick.

So, I’m just doing a lot of experimenting. Trying not to get too discouraged. There is definitely room for improvement! A LOT of IMPROVEMENT! 🙂

I received the video I mentioned below, but really haven’t used any techniques discussed in the video. I just wanted to see what happened on my own.


4 thoughts on “My First Still Life

  1. of course there is room for improvement {isn’t there always??}, but don’t be so humble. this is outstanding! love the colors! and the shapes are awesome.

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