What a Mess and I’m Not Even Done!

Well, today didn’t go quite as planned. Gabriel had a fever so, I did a little dyeing and a lot of snuggling.

I got up bright and early this morning; prepared the urea for the dye solution; got the fabric soaking in soda ash; went on my walk; got home and Gabriel was still in bed not feeling well!!

This is the first time I tried to dye fabric in the basement. I’ll never do it again. In fact, I really don’t know if I’ll do a lot of dyeing in the future unless I get a utility sink. I just make a HUGE mess. Dye gets everywhere…which as you can imagine is not good. So, I’ve got everything ready to go outside tomorrow.

The fabric I dyed today turned out nice. I just got done ironing it and imagining what I’ll do with it.


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