LIFE | House


You should see the state of our house right now. We are making our office into a media room and there is SO MUCH STUFF!

So, the plan is…box all the stuff up today and move it out. Paint the room tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.

When I box stuff up I have to go through it. So, it takes me a REAL L O N G TIME. My husband on the other hand can take stuff off one shelf and place it all in a box and move on. I have to investigate the stuff. Decide if it’s really necessary, which it all is, and then I can box it.

I’ll also be plugging away at my exhibit tasks and items. I did really good about getting into the studio Monday and Tuesday night after work, but had to run errands and pay bills and pick out school picture clothes the other nights.

On an art note…I found this great information about “creating in a series”.


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