ART | Breath With Me!

Taking deep breaths to keep the panic away! My exhibit is less than a month away! I’ve got lots to do. Lots and lots and lots and lots…

Here is what I need to finish up:

  1. 40 Pixel pieces
  2. 9 Orbit pieces
  3. large quilts
    • “H” (complete 2)
    • Pixel (complete 2)
  4. Dress (if I have time…this is what I just thought of. REALLY cute if I can get it done in time…if not there is always next time.)
  5. What would be nice:
    • Throw pillow covers
    • “H” scarves
  6. The business stuff
    • business cards
    • artist statement
    • Web site
    • Tax payer ID
  7. Final touches – labels for each piece!!!

Not to worry…many of these items have been started. It’s just finishing I have a problem with.

I love to start new projects! Which is a real problem because projects must be finished or I’ll have an exhibit of a bunch “works in progress”.

I keep promising photos, but I don’t think I’m going to get to that until I get more of this completed. Sorry, I love posts with photos. They are so much more interesting.


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