QUILTS | Taking the Summer Stash Challange

Summer Stash Challenge
Summer Stash Challenge

I was visiting Amanda Jean’s blog, Crazy Mom Quilts, and noticed a little button to the right side of her blog…”Summer Stash Challenge”. So, I looked into it and it doesn’t look too intense and sounds like fun to join a group and complete a quilt. So, I think I’m in!

I have been working on my tiny studio and I’m really loving it. For the past few years I have been working with the idea that more is more, when really less is more! So, I’m getting rid of lots of stuff. Stamps, paint, old books I was going to use for collage and a lot of miscellaneous collage/paper craft stuff. It feels so good!

My husband has been working really hard on finishing up some projects on the house. I feel like I’ve got a new home!

I’ll get some pictures posted soon!


2 thoughts on “QUILTS | Taking the Summer Stash Challange

  1. Hi Heather! We’re glad you found us and decided to join our summer stash challenge. I’ll add your name and link to the sidebar, and if you could get your email address to Ulla at http://kotkarankki.blogspot.com/ , she will send you an invite to the Flickr Group.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Hi I’m on the Summer Stash Challenge too so I thought I’d pop in and introduce myself. Well done for having a sort out. I’m having to clear out the dumping ground of a spare room ready for a guest. I can hear “The House Doctor’s” voice shouting “de-clutter”. But I’m an awful hoarder who is fast running out of storage space.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the challenge,

    Best Wishes,

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