QUILT/STUDIO | Projects for July

My Quilts

Here is what I will be finishing up in July. I started these quilts in June 2007. I plan to sell these in my Etsy shop. I have SO MANY MORE IDEAS…I can’t wait to get started on them!

This is a picture of my studio as you see it when you walk in. I have to get this organized before July and then I’ll be able to REALLY concentrate!

Here’s my to do list:

  • Clean out white bookshelf. (This is on the left side of the studio as you walk into it.)
  • Remove white bookshelf and clear plastic organizer. (To left of studio.)
  • Move paint table to pantry. (This will probably be a temporary spot.)
  • Move computers. I need to move my computer to the right corner as you enter the studio. (This will be the hardest part, since it involves my husband moving computers around.)
  • Arrange tables in the studio.
  • Organize the wall shelves.
  • Move dresser to studio.

Left of studio

Left side of studio as you walk through the door.

Right side of studio

Right side of studio as you walk through the door.

I hope to have some “after” pictures soon!

65 DAYS!


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