LIFE | June Already

WOW! I’m just amazed that it’s June already! I spent the weekend photographing and scanning items for my Etsy store (I haven’t added anything new yet). That really took some time. Pictured is one of my favorite Joel Dewberry fabrics. I’m so in love with damask right now!

I am taking time this summer to get rid of distractions in my studio. So when when fall comes my house will be cleaned, my studio will be set up and I will be ready to get a lot of work done. My son will be at Kindergarten and so I will have the whole day to myself to get work done without interruptions. (Something I am looking forward to!)

That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to work on anything this summer. I surely will have projects, but I’m not going to get down on myself if they don’t get completed in a timely manner. Most of the projects I plan to work on are ones I have started and then decided to set aside for one reason or another.


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