How I Became Interested in Art Quilts

I am a magazine freek and purchased Inspired House Sept/Oct 2004 edition. Inside it I found an article about Melissa Sarris’ art pillows and quilts. This was my first look and how I became interested in fiber arts/art quilts. I then did a search and found her Web site.

Then I did a search for fiber artists and came across Patty Hawkins and the Front Range Contemporary Quilters. From there I found Melody Johnson and found many Illinois area artist’s from Melody’s blog.

Lisa Call is my hero! She is a great inspiration to me. She has a full time career, is a single parent and a successful artist.

I’m a married parent, work full time, have a 15 year old and a 3 year old and have problems dedicating 8 hours a week to work on my art!

I also REALLY enjoy Nancy Crow’s work. I wanted to attend one of her classes in 2007, but I didn’t sign up in time. Oh well, it probably wouldn’t have been the best time for me to be away from my family. My daughter’s 16th birthday was the same week as the class. I would have to go around forever feeling like I was a horrible mom to be away while my daughter turned “Sweet 16”.

So, that is how this whole obsession with quilts and dyeing fabric started.


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