Read this book!


I highly recommend the book STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST by Austin Kleon. It’s so simple. You can read it in an hour or maybe two and it’s just full of advice. Great stuff like…nothing is originalstart copyingfake it ’til you make it…and much, much more. It has given me a lot to think about. I think you’ll enjoy it to.

I was going to try to take notes and started copying every other sentence, so I’m just going to buy a copy for myself. That way I can reference it all the time! It’s that good! You will want to reference it all the time!

Or maybe I’ll buy two and cover the walls of my studio with the pages of this book.

Boom…it’s fall! and thoughts on quilting

Fall happened overnight. All of a sudden there were leaves on the ground and the temperature dropped 10° or more. It is very pretty with fantastic colors in the trees and at your feet. I love the leaves and wish we didn’t have to rake them.

Fall Fabric inspired by the leaves on my front walk.

Fall Fabric inspired by the leaves on my front walk.

Now my thoughts on Quilting…

Since 2004 I have been studying quilting. It has mainly been a study by observing what other quilters do and then mimicking them. I have studied with Ann Fahl and Carol Taylor, but the rest has been from observation. My main teachers have been Nancy Crow, Lisa Call, Gail Baar, Robin Ferrier, and Denyse Schmidt…and they, I’m sure, don’t even know it! :)

In 2009 I quit my day job to design quilts full time, but became obsessed with still life painting. Since I haven’t been quilting a lot has changed. In 2010 there was a movement that started showing up…Modern Quilting. Before this time there was traditional quilting and art quilts. To me modern quilting is a combination of traditional and art quilting.

As an art quilter I found it very important to dye my own fabric, so I would have a palette of my very own colors mixed by me! (An artist doesn’t use paint color right out of the tube.) I also found it very important to cut my quilt pieces without a ruler or template. There was also the design wall, where I would audition fabrics and shapes before I would sew it all together.

I’ve been savoring the modern quilts I see online. I love the idea of something that is utilitarian as well as art.

Changes…Blog Version 3.0

I’m rethinking this blog and trying to come up with a definition of what I want to share with you. At the same time I’m rethinking where I want to go with my creativity in the next few years.

More on this soon!

Happy Fall!

Google Knows


Google knows when you are sleeping, they know when you’re awake and they know when it’s your birthday.

I didn’t log out of my gmail account and was a bit shocked when I opened my browser and boom! There was a “Happy Birthday  Heather” banner.  Kind-of creepy…kind-of cool.

ANYWAY…it has been quite some time since I’ve stopped in. I haven’t been quilting this summer just doing a bit of thinking and sketching and researching. I’ll be back at it soon!


Cuddle Story Finished!

Let’s all do a happy, happy quilt dance because I have finally finished the lap quilt I have been working on. It has been a while since I made a quilt and to do one in this size (since I usually work small) was a bit of a challenge. But it was totally worth it!

I want to do more in the future and I have found that I really like making larger quilts. A quilt like the one above is so versatile. It can be used to cuddle up in OR display on your wall.

Today is a clean up day, but tomorrow I’ll be back in the studio.

Thanks for looking!

new colors


I had 2 colors to dye and I didn’t get to them, but look at all the other colors! They are all very autumn, a bit muted and just lovely.



Just a progress picture of CUDDLE STORY. It barely fits on my little make shift design wall, but I really like it so far. This weekend I’ll be dyeing some fabric for it. I’m all out of brown and I’m not sure if I like that burgundy piece. You know the one….



I recently received a request from a customer on Etsy to turn one of my COLOR STORY art quilts into a lap quilt (50″x50″). I thought what a wonderful idea! So, I have been figuring out a way to make a pattern of a 12″x12″ art quilt into a 50″x50″ modern quilt for every day use.

Since my quilts don’t have straight lines and are designed with the use of a design wall I have no written quilt design for them. So, what I did was take a photo of the Color Story art quilt and placed it in Adobe Illustrator. Then I traced around the seam lines and had a pattern! What you see in the above picture is the pattern printed out to size!

It has been a fun challenge and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

I’m also trying out a new theme here on WordPress. This is the “Stay” theme and I think it will work really well once I get it set up. Maybe I’ll end up “staying” with this theme. I have also decided to blog here about all things handmade, sewing, knitting, etc. here along sprinkled with photo inspiration.